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Join the Task Force!

To get more information and to learn how you can get involved with the Counter Strike Task Force, please fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Counter Strike Task Force members must between the age of 14 and 17.
  • Name of City or Town Where You Live
  • MM/DD/YYYY e.g. 09/01/1981
  • Name of Arizona County Where You Live
  • Not Required for Participation
  • MM/DD/YYYY e.g. 09/01/1981
  • Tobacco Use

  • e.g. "September 2005", or "2005"

Retail Offenders

Retail Offenders

Counter Strike aims to reduce youth access to tobacco in retail outlets by systematically monitoring retailer compliance with state laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors. The program also serves to coordinate and encourage local enforcement with those laws. Over 25,000 retail inspections have been performed since the program’s inception.

“Strike Back” – Emilio

If a Store Sells Me Tobacco They Get Busted

“I’ve seen my grandfather suffer and it isn’t pretty.” – Emilio

Emilio’s grandfather has cancer because he started smoking tobacco at an early age.  Emilio doesn’t want to see that happen to young people his own age and he’s doing something about it.

How can you make a difference?

Join the Task Force and find out.


“Ronnie” Busts a Smoke Shop

“My dad inspires me do do this because I see him struggle and go out…and take a smoke every 20 minutes. It screws your life up.” – Ronnie

Ronnie’s family is the inspiration for him getting involved and going undercover with the Counter Strike Task Force.

Who inspires you? What’s your story?

Go undercover and find out.